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XRT is the decentralized erc-20 based mobile payment platform which can be utilized in Food & Beverages sector. XRT will use the semi-off chain solution for users using that ZEN_XRT app users will be able to with zero transaction fee and zero wait time.


What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed ledger that contains the history of every transaction recorded within a specific network. For public blockchain, like Bitcoin, anyone can download a copy of the blockchain, and it can be inspected to trace the path of Bitcoins from one Bitcoin transaction to another.

What is a wallet?

Similar to a traditional wallet that you carry in your pocket, a blockchain asset collateral wallet is used to store money or digital assets. The difference is that instead of storing a collection of bills and cards, a blockchain asset wallet stores a collection of private keys.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first blockchain asset, a new kind of money that can be sent from one person to another without the need for a trusted third party such as a bank or other financial institution; it is the first global, decentralized currency.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Bitcoin and Ethereum is an open-source project that is not owned or operated by a single individual. This means that anyone, anywhere can download the software and begin interacting with the network. Ether (ETH) is the native payment currency of the Ethereum network.

The company

What is XRT Foundation?

XRT Foundation is a public serving online food payment platform founded by two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs 'Mj Paul' & 'Anil Kumar'. It seeks to be partnered with the big companies working in the food sector, using its own cryptocurrency named XRT. It aims to solve the vital payment problems occurring in Food industry where the XRT coin will be the substitute of 'card n cash payments'.

What is the main goal of our project?

The primary goal is to use Blockchain technology to solve the many inconveniences of the payment process in restaurants and other food stores like cafes, restros, hotels etc. using our XRT platform. Through our advanced mobile application, we will provide customers an instant & secure payment method solution using our XRT Token. Card payments will finally be hassle-free and the customers will become more comfortable while paying at a restros or anywhere else.

What differentiates you from other companies?

A perfect planning is needed to make a project successful. Most of the currencies fail to achieve the actual success in their projects because of the lack of 'well-planned execution'. XRT has a very strong marketing and technical team and a 'Pure Hearted Vision' to make it successful in all over Asia and then worldwide. Our team members are full of enthusiasm, intelligence and Karma Oriented.

How many members does XRT foundation have?

There is a total of 45 team members working with XRT Foundation. Out of them, 8 are Core members including developers and rest are advisors, promoters, and executive staff. The detailed information about the Core team members is available on the main page of the website with the title of ' Team Members'.

Product and Services

What all products and services does XRT Foundation?

XRT Foundation basically works in the field of the food industry with the help of its online platform. It provides various online services like Payments can be done at restaurants, bars, and cafes in the near future with the help of XRT Mobile App. Customers can even check their transaction history and e-bills. Food companies can be advertised on our platform as we will be having a community of millions of people. It will be tradable on various exchanges also.

What is the XRT mobile App?

XRT Foundation is coming with an XRT Mobile application which will be available on Android and iOS platforms. This app will help the customers to send and receive XRT instantly and securely as we are continuously working on its technology which will make it fast, secure and transparent for the customers. It will also have the feature of e-bills for each transaction. One can also fetch, the history of the old transactions.

What are fees for the services?

The fees would vary from services to services. Certain services would be priced much cheaper than others depending upon the cost to us.

How to stay tuned on the XRT Foundation news?

Please subscribe to our newsletter and you can also check our 'Latest Updates' section on the website.


What is your ICO timeline?

XRT tokensale is settled for 90 days which will be live from June 1st, 2018 to August 30th, 2018.

How many stages XRT tokensale have?

XRT tokensale has been divided mainly into two parts: Pre-sale (single phase) and Initial Coin Offering (three phases).

How can I participate in the ICO Token sale?

Everyone can participate in our token sale after registering to our website:

  1. Click on buy now and follow the given steps;
  2. Send tokens to the provided address;
  3. Fill the KYC requirements;
  4. After KYC approval you'll get the XRT tokens in your given wallet address.

How do I benefit from the ICO Token?

we are aiming to list our token on top exchanges (Global & Domestic) having a very good volume where you can trade with XRT in different markets. As we have a very fast growing community and working on a decentralized platform through our revolutionary mobile application that will create a continuous growth in the value of our token and it's volume. Also, you can hold XRT in your wallets to receive staking yearly.


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