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XRT Token Sale

XRT is the decentralized erc-20 based mobile payment platform which can be utilized in Food & Beverages sector. XRT will use the semi-off chain solution for users using that ZEN_XRT app users will be able to with zero transaction fee and zero wait time.

About this project

Token sale: Jul 11 — Aug 30
Total supply: 330,000,000 XRT
Available for sale: 100%
Accepting: BTC and Altcoins
KYC required only for receiving tokens

ICO Phase I

July 11, 07:40 AM - July 26, 03:00 PM
Sold out

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH

Bonus 160% bonus tokens

ICO Phase II

August 01, 12:00 AM - August 15, 12:00 AM
Sold out

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH

Bonus 72.5% bonus tokens

Final ICO

August 16, 12:00 AM - August 30, 12:00 AM
Sold out

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH

Bonus 5% bonus tokens

About XRT Foundation

What images come in your mind if we talk about Food Industry? If not wrong, we all know it is all about Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels & Motels etc. How amazing it is when we go to restaurants or somewhere else eventually to have a lunch or dinner! Who doesn't want a hassle-free day while enjoying the delicious food with their loved one's.


But sometimes we face problems when we pay at a restaurant, hotel or somewhere else. For example, sometimes we afraid of paying with a credit or debit card as there are chances of the theft of our card details like PIN or etc. Added to the expense is the lack of interface between processing systems. We have to be dependent on the third parties like Banks or other financial institutes. Even we face sometimes liquidity issues also. Resulting in, processing & payment delays, lost transactions and expensive fees. Have we ever thought about solving such issues?


XRT foundation is working on a decentralized platform. We are going to provide a better and secure payment solution for Hotel and Restaurant Industry through XRT Token. In every sector, A customer always wants such a payment gateway which is fast & secure. By addressing the following purpose, we are building a very fast and convenient mobile app which will be available for both Android and iOS users.

Secured Gateway

As XRT is based upon Ethereum blockchain concept, Which makes it more secure than third party based transactions.


XRT coins are affordable in its initial offering but we have planned for their successful inclination in terms of price. We want to make XRT reachable.

Easy to Use

XRT coins are based upon Ethereum protocols which allows them to start trading without additional formalities.

Big Data Insights

We have analyzed market conditions and integrated successful strategies with our project to complete the estimated target.



  • Start : June 01, 2018 (12:00 AM UTC + 5:30)
  • Number of tokens for sale : 330,000,000 XRT (66%)
  • End : August 30, 2018 (12:00 AM UTC + 5:30)
  • Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BNB, XMR, DGB
  • Minimal transaction amount: 0.1 ETH or equivalent

0.18774143 ETH

0% of 40,000 ETH by 4 investors

ICO stage